Archives of Indian Psychiatry October 2011

Archives October2011

Archives of Indian Psychiatry

Official Publication of Indian Psychiatric Society Western Zonal Branch

Volume 13, No.2, October 2011



5HTT Gene-environment interactions in human Behaviour….  Chittaranjan Andade….

Review Article

Night Eating Syndome… Ameya Amritwar, Nilesh Shah..

Developmental Psychopathology an d its relevance to Child Psychiatry – a Clinical Perspective …Avinash deSouza….

Original Articles

Traditional Healing practices in Psychiatric Out Patients

Rahul Shidhaye, G .K .Vankar

Newspaper Portrayal   of Psychiatry…. Laxeshkumar Patel, G .K .Vankar…

fficacy of Social Skills Training  as Intervention for   Stuttering for adolescents v /s adults….Sadhana Deshmukh, Anuradha Sovani

Stress and Coping among Resident Doctors… Sohang Bhadania, Minakshi Parikh,

G .K .Vankar

Who cares for caregivers?: A Review, Pooja Dangar , Parag Shah

Case Reports

Familial Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis : A Case Report ..Rajat Oswal,Devendra

Chaudhari, Ritambhara Mehta

Quiz   ….Bhavesh Lakdawala


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